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"Unless you're really young or have really few possessions, living in such small spaces gets very old. For one thing, all the creative ways to "maximize your space" sounds great until you have to live with it every day, constantly moving 5 different things to get what you want, or having to rearrange furniture to lay down on your murphy bed for an hour. Secondly, it makes it really annoying to have any possessions that are used sparingly, such as some holiday decorations or equipment used for an occasional hobby. While I think we can all agree that many Americans, especially those who don't live in cities, go overboard on housing space, I think we can also agree that there is a certain amount of space that one needs in a home to make it truly functional, livable and enjoyable."?anon [Peek Inside 8 of New York City's Coolest 'Teeny-Tiny' Homes]