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Restaurant Rent Hikes

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Facing a rent increase that threatens to shutter his much-loved eatery, Lure Fishbar, out of its Soho location?a trend facing all too many restaurant owners there these days?owner John McDonald responds to the hoopla with a matter-of-fact acquiescence to the inevitable forces of the NYC real estate market: "I am not one of those Soho people who thinks everything has been ruined with change. All neighborhoods change with time. I still think it's one of the best areas, despite the fact that some local favorites have not survived. It's business?it's the market?in this case, we want the opportunity to pay market rent based on comps/deals. If we cannot match it, that is the way the market works. And while losing Lure would be a very undesirable outcome, we would have to accept it, having been given a fair shot." [CurbedWire Inbox; previously via Eater NY]