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Futuristic Grand Central Parking Garage Grows A Skyscraper

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Back in March, we stumbled across renderings of a giant balloon-like parking garage thing that two Pratt students concocted for Grand Central, and now they've sent along the second iteration of the project. The futuristic structure ditched its metallic sheen for a more sci-fi web-like exterior, and it grew a pair of skyscraping towers. Jordana Vasquez created this mindboggling work with fellow student Boris Leokumovick, and from what we understand, the buildings incorporate a library, event space, and a parking structure that improves accessibility and traffic around Grand Central.

The very abstract descriptions accompanying the renderings talk of a future world with "merged universes" and "spatial deformation." All of that sounds like the kind of world where we'd be teleporting and using spacecrafts, not worrying about traffic flow around a train station, but hey, people really do love their cars, so who knows.

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