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Director Peter Jackson Lists Un-Combined Tribeca Penthouse

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Peter Jackson is ready to leave the Shire Tribeca. The producer/director/screenwriter who brought The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit to the big screen purchased two penthouses at 155 Franklin Street in summer 2008 (or at least, his executive assistant and two lawyers were all named on the deed), and as a tipster points out, the property was listed yesterday for $21.5 million. Jackson spent $17.35 million on the apartments, in what was, according to The Observer at the time, one of Tribeca's biggest apartment deals.

But Jackson has certainly had other projects on his plate the past few years (and maybe he just prefers his real estate, like his films, in installments), so the potential megapenthouse to rule them all hasn't quite materialized. All the more opportunity for you, prospective buyer. Says the brokerbabble:

Combine both Penthouse condos to create a sprawling duplexed masterpiece with private multi-level wraparound roofdeck. All Dept. of Buildings permits, Landmark Preservation approval, Community Board approval and architectural drawings are already in place, eliminating months or even years of planning and significant expense. After combination, the new owner will enjoy a 6,100sf 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom (& 2 powder rooms) duplex with over 4,000sf of private outdoor space AND a 1,900sf 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom guest apartment with separate entrance. Laundry rooms/ WDs and ample closet and storage space feature in both apartments, including a generous walk-in closet in the master bedroom. Significant investment has already been made by the current owners including a New Roof System, Parapet Repair, New state-of-the-art HVAC, Interior Renovation in addition to the various permits and approvals and Design Team Fees. Life's more fun while you're still completing the quest, anyway, right?

A few more images of the space and possibilities:

· Listing: 155 Franklin Street, Apt. PHSN [Corcoran via StreetEasy]

155 Franklin Street

155 Franklin Street, New York, NY 10013