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Peek Inside 8 of New York City's Coolest 'Teeny-Tiny' Homes

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Apartment Therapy's annual Small Cool Contest is a veritable catalog of creative ideas for how to kit out a small space in a way that makes it not feel like some kind of torture chamber or an overstuffed thrift store. Out of the dozens of adorable entries, Curbed trawled the selected entries in the "Teeny-Tiny" category, which included units that were 400 square feet or smaller. (That's downright roomy, by some micro-dwelling standards.) Unsurprisingly, many of these pads were right here in NYC, with the occasional California, Washington, and Texas residences thrown in. We picked eight of the coziest; you can also vote on your favorites through May 31, and then again on the finalists from June 4-5.

Take Garrett's 340-square-foot New York apartment, pictured above, as an example. A Murphy bed folds up into the wall when it's not in use, revealing a mirror on the other side, which is one of many, many ways to make a room feel bigger. "Not only does it free up the space, but it also means tucking away an unmade bed every morning, and not having people hang out on my bed (which always skeeved me out)," he says. "Additionally, I tried to incorporate a lot of closed storage. I can create the illusion of being organized... just don't open anything!" Check out his entry for more photos of his well-designed pad.

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