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Times Square's Toys R Us Space... Available?; Summer Shops

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And now, the latest from Racked NY, shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Midtown/Midtown West: The giant Toys R Us in Times Square?you know, the one with the Ferris wheel?has a lease through 2016, and with rents the way they are, the mega toy chain might not be able to renew it. That would mean 100,000 square feet with a price tag worth tens of millions up for grabs... likely the most valuable piece of retail space to hit the rental market in years.

2) Williamsburg & Beyond: When it opens, the new Urban Outfitters in the 'Burg will have a bar. Fancy a PBR while you shop for tight V-neck tees? For a store that is open, check out home goods brand Knoll's first direct-to-consumers store (pictured above), which has both a lot of chairs and a lot of orange.

3) Meatpacking District & Soho: While scheduling your summer shopping jaunts, add to the list Havaianas' summer-long High Line pop-up and Housing Works' Open Air Street Fair, happening this Sunday. Also, if you swing that way, there are eight beach-side temporary shops to check out on Long Island.

4) Citywide: By the numbers?a new store opened every five days last year, cementing NYC's status as the retail mecca of the universe.
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