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Comment of the Day

"Beautiful apartment, but lack of privacy issue. The two secondary bedrooms' windows are in close proximity to the building opposite. The master bed & bath are set farther back thanks to the terrace, but the trees provide inadequate cover. Relandscaping would help to a degree. In a situation like this, walls of windows end up being a minus, not a plus. Imagine yourself living here, would you ever have the shades open? I would NEVER in either of the smaller bedrooms if I were using them in any way, and in the master bedroom only if I were sitting in a chair, never if I were in bed. It would be weird if people could see me in my own bathroom, even if I were just brushing my teeth. At a lower price point, yes, people give up privacy to live in Manhattan, but at $6 million, this is one sacrifice that need not be made."?anon [Tribeca Duplex Penthouse Ready for Rental-to-Sales Switch]