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Watch a Governors Island Building Implode Live on the Internet

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See that building up there? It's Building 877, the largest non-historic building on Governors Island, but soon it's going to be a big old pile of nothing, because the Trust for Governors Island is going to implode it with more than 200 pounds of dynamite and stream the destruction live on the internet, making way for part of the island's new 33-acre park. According to Gothamist, this will be the first city structure demolished via implosion in over a decade.

Building 877 in an eleven-story, 115-foot-tall brick building that was constructed in 1968 and used as housing for members of the Coast Guard and their families. It has been vacant since 1996, though, and since become derelict. (It was cleared of all hazardous materials in preparation for the implosion, however.) The implosion will take place "very early" on the morning of June 9th.

This will take the building's place:

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