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Cornerspotted: The Clock At 79th Street And First Avenue

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It didn't take long for this corner to be identified as First Avenue and 79th Street, but still, many commenters thought it was Eighth Avenue and 14th Street. The building at the latter corner looks nothing like the UES corner featured, but it does have a clock, so kudos to those who know where the street clocks are in this city. The photo we used shows 1513 First Avenue in 1951, when it was occupied by the Manufacturers Trust Company. It was built in 1915, and today, the facade is slightly altered and it's occupied by a Vitamin Shoppe. The neighbors, as you can see, have changed quite a bit.
· Photo: 1513 1st Avenue [MCNY]
· Hint: The Same Clock Still Tells The Time On This Corner [Curbed]