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Madonna Finally Sells Her UWS Combo Co-op at a Discount

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The residents of the Upper West Side's Harperley Hall probably woke up happy this morning: their neighbor Madonna has finally sold her combo co-op in the building. The buyer, the Journal reports, is hedge fund manager Deepak Narula, who paid "considerably less" than the apartment's most recent $19.995 million asking price. (And that was a discount from the original $23.5 million listing price.)

A hedge fund manager sounds like the type to appeal to the co-op board at Harperley Hall, which has been feuding with Madonna ever since she sought to expand the original apartment she and Sean Penn had purchased in the building. Though the co-op board eventually granted permission for the renovation, neighbors kept on expressing their displeasure by doing things like suing Madonna for playing music and dancing. The apartment is, frankly, surprisingly boring considering all the drama. No wonder the material girl has moved on to the world of epic townhouses.
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