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Two-Bedroom Seeks $875,000 on UWS's Pomander Walk

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The Upper West Side's gated secret street, Pomander Walk, is full of tiny but adorable apartments, and we're filled with glee whenever one comes on the market. Which makes this an especially happy Friday: a second-floor two-bedroom listing on Pomander Walk has just come up for sale asking $875,000. (The monthly maintenance would be another $1,232 on top of that.) For anyone who'd like to take a look for themselves, there will be an open house this Sunday from noon to 2 p.m.. The apartment last sold for $710,000 in June 2012. UPDATE: The broker tells us that, due to a technical glitch, the wrong prior sale was linked to this listing. The apartment actually last sold for $725,000 several years ago.

The listing photos offer only one glimpse of the apartment's interior, but the floorplan looks fairly reasonable considering the usual size of Pomander Walk abodes. And then there's the street's history to add to its other charms?it was created in 1922, the aesthetic inspired by a play, but wasn't supposed to stay standing for more than a few years. Happily, we've been left with these small buildings instead of the hotel that was once supposed to take their place.

Here's the exterior of the building that houses this latest on-the-market 2BR:

And here's the floorplan:

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