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254 Park Avenue South Pad Sets Building Pricing Record

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254 Park Avenue South is perhaps best known as the building where Anthony Weiner lives, but it now has another distinction to add to its resume: apartment 11D has achieved a per-square-foot pricing record for the building. Congrats! The apartment (scroll down this page for the listing) is in contract for $5.55 million, reps tell us, which works out to $2,220/square foot. The asking price was a bit higher, $2,300/square foot, but the next-highest price per square foot in the building was $1,373/square foot, so 11D can be forgiven for not quite meeting aspirations. Excluding this particular apartment, the current average price in the building is $1,392/square foot, but we wouldn't surprised to see the PriceUpper visit in the coming weeks.

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254 Park Ave. South

254 Park Ave. South, New York, NY 10010