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Big Reveal: $499K for a Two-Bedroom Co-op In Clinton Hill

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It seems that the hotness of the Brooklyn brownstone market has skewed people's perception of co-op/condo prices in these same neighborhoods. This week's PriceSpotter featured a two(ish)-bedroom in the Clinton Mews co-op at 372 Dekalb Avenue, and most of the guesses were way over the actual asking price of $499,000. The first person to get close noted the single family house vs. co-op difference: "My guess is 500k because the co-op market in Clinton Hill is nowhere near as hot as the brownstone market - lots of inventory in Clinton Hill Co-ops complex (although this unit isn't in there)." One other commenter guessed the same, and (s)he also called out the absurdity of the higher-guesses: "1 million? Fo reels? Clinton Hill isn't THAT overpriced."
· Listing: 372 Dekalb Avenue, 2B [Corcoran via StreetEasy]
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