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Upper West Side's 'Dental Death Doctor' House Finds Buyer

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Dr. Richard Kaul earned the nickname "Dental Death Doctor" when he accidentally killed a patient in England while trying to extract a tooth. He packed up shop, moved to the United States, opened a spinal surgery clinic, messed up a few of those surgeries (as one does when one is performing spinal surgeries without proper training) and, long story short, he's in a little bit of trouble now. But at least he finally managed to sell his 7,320-square-foot Upper West Side townhouse! Lucky for him, the townhouse's renovation, which he oversaw after purchasing it for $3.6 million in 2005, wasn't nearly as botched as one of his surgeries, and the house's new owner, asset management company Schroders CEO Karl Dasher, now has a custom-made wine cellar, a huge skylight, and a bathroom with a fireplace in it. Dasher paid $8.3 million for the house, a far cry from the $15 million it was originally asking, but more than enough for Kaul to open up a plastic surgery clinic in Belize, or whatever his next move is.

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69 West 83rd Street

69 West 83rd Street, New York, NY