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Yes, This Studio Is Asking An Obscene $1.2 Million

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Everyone knows the West Village is expensive, and that it's de rigueur to find a one-room hovel with the refrigerator crammed into the living space for $350K. A 12th-floor studio at 299 West 12th Street that just went on the market is quite a bit nicer than that hot mess, but nonetheless... $1.2M for a 490-square-foot (or so they say) unit with no sleeping alcove? Sure, there's a little foyer, a "dressing room," three closets, and a decent-sized bathroom and kitchen. That said, all the main room has going for it is a wood-burning fireplace and a view of the Empire State Building. Remember, your bed goes there. True, there's a bit of history involved, since the 1930 building was developed by notables Bing & Bing and designed by architect Emory Roth. But would you really shell out 1.2 million big ones for that, even with a monthly maintenance fee of $394?

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