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Dakota's New Listing Seeks $6.8M, Staff Room Not Included

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The discrimination lawsuit by Dakota resident Alphonse Fletcher Jr. against the co-op board continues (the latest development: a $1.4 million income tax lien against Fletcher), but even in the face of drama, the regular buy-and-sell of Dakota apartments goes on. Apartment 34, a 3BR, 2BA spread, is the latest to hit the market, with a $6.8 million pricetag that actually seems?almost tame? (Of course, the maintenance is another $6,831/month.) There's no prior sales data for the unit, so perhaps the last transaction pre-dates ACRIS.
Regardless of when the place last sold, the "two spacious bathrooms" have been renovated recently "in a tasteful and traditional style." Here's how the rest of the place lays out:

One enters this amazing home from a semi private vestibule and through original 12 foot mahogany French doors. The elegant gallery has a pristine original stone floor and from the gallery the apartment flows.With nearly 14 foot ceilings this home offers a double living room/dining room with wood burning fireplace and North and side Park views from oversized windows. The master bedroom is the size of a grand living room, with quiet and lovely Dakota courtyard views and also has a wood burning fireplace. Two additional bedrooms face North onto quiet 73rd Street. The buyer also has the option of purchasing a "double staff room" on the ninth floor?neither it nor the staff are included in the $6.8 million. Check out the floorplan, which takes the unusual step of noting the living room ceiling height:

· Listing: 1 West 72nd Street [BHS via StreetEasy]
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