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Which Of These 11 Condos Should Grace The BK Waterfront?

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In December, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation put out a controversial call for proposals for 1 John Street, a site that is currently a vacant lot just east of the Manhattan Bridge. Even though the first attempt at putting luxury residential housing in the park didn't go over so well with critics (though it sure did with buyers), in December the park asked architects to come up with designs for the John Street site that encompassed 101,000 square feet of residential space with up to 130 units, plus ground-floor retail and up to 110 parking spots. The height limit? 130 feet. The stated goals of the project are to "enliven the northern entrance of the park," build "high-quality, visually appealing residential development," and "seamlessly integrate the park and the surrounding community." But we think the this other aim pretty much hits the nail on the head?to "generate revenue to support the maintenance and operation of the park." Submissions range from glassy and boxy to, well, variations on that theme. Some of them, it must be said, are pretty darn cool-looking. Motivations aside, which design do you think befits Brooklyn Bridge Park's waterfront?

? Team 1

? Team 2

? Team 3

? Team 4

? Team 5

? Team 6

? Team 7

? Team 8

? Team 9

? Team 10

? Team 11

In January, 90 attendees went to an info session and site visit for the RFP; and submissions were due in March, when the 11 proposals above were received. On Tuesday, there was a presentation to the park's Community Advisory Council (sort of like BBP's community board). The next steps? By late June, the CAC will have doled out design feedback to the 11 teams, and later this summer, one project will be picked.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201

1 John Street

1 John Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201