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AIA's Public Policy Platform; Affordable Housing at Dock Street

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NEW YORK CITY?The New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects is moving into the world of public policy with a 30-point "Platform for the Future of the City." The platform outlines the 30 "most pressing problems facing New York's built environment." It's broken down into four categories?buildings, neighborhood, city, world?and addresses everything from how to create more housing to why we need to fully implement the mayor's Vision 2020 plan to the necessity of requiring buildings to be built to green standards. AIA hopes that the mayoral candidates will consider the plan in their policies. You can read the full plan here (PDF). [CurbedWire Inbox; official]

GREENPOINT?Attention cyclists! Do not chain your bikes to trees lest the tree vigilantes cut them loose to free the tree. A tipster sent the above photo, which shows a kind note by said vigilantes, warning the owner of the bike that it would be removed on May 26 (the photo was taken on May 24). Evidently, this is part of the Treedom Project, whose goal is to remove from trees chains, wires, and anything else that can choke them. Besides, it's not even safe?thieves have been known to cut down trees to get bikes. [CurbedWire Inbox; official Treedom site]

DUMBO?Two Trees' massive Dock Street development is still just a massive hole in the ground, but they are getting the word out about the project's affordable housing units. An email announcement for an info session to be held on June 13 also included some hard numbers. The project will have affordable studios, one-, and two-bedroom units that range in rent from about $500 to $850/month. These prices are calculated to be affordable according to the following maximum incomes: $41,500 for a 4-person family, $37,350 for 3-persons, $33,200 for 2-persons, and $29,050 for one. [CurbedWire Inbox; RSVP information]