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Historic Front Street Residents Will Finally Be Allowed Home

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The residents of Historic Front Street, South Street Seaport's strip of restored and new buildings, haven't lived in their apartments since Hurricane Sandy swept through the city last fall. But now, at last, management has announced a move-in date for displaced residents. It is?drumroll please?June 30. The e-mail announcement is heavy on diplomacy ("Over the last several months, we have gotten to know many of you on a more personal level and appreciate how challenging the impact of Hurricane Sandy has been") and light on details. As far as the repairs go, the memo from management says only:

Since Sandy, we have improved the property to make it more resilient and energy efficient. Our construction management team has redesigned and replaced all of the mechanical and electrical systems, while relocating them above flood prone areas. You will notice new heating and cooling units in your apartment, which replaces the geothermal system previously located below street level. Many other improvements were completed as well, which are less apparent, but equally as important. The construction management team worked tirelessly and did a terrific job to restore Front Street. "A majority" of the buildings' commercial tenants will be moving back in, management says?but will the residents?

For residents who want to move back in after all this time, rent charges will begin again on July 1. And those who've received lease renewals must sign those renewals before they actually move themselves back into the building. Those who refer friends to lease at the buildings are eligible for owner Durst Fetner's referral program and the $500 gift cards it provides, a fact the e-mail, of course, mentions right up front.
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