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Kanye West is Secretly Selling His Houston St. Pad for $4.5M

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Hip hop mogul and former archicritic Kanye West is looking to sell his fourth floor apartment at 25 West Houston Street in an off-market deal. His agent held a tour of the bachelor pad, which is asking $4.5 million, for the city's top brokers, and some of those brokers shared the, uh, odder details of the apartment with the Post. West also has a couple statues of "little Cupid boys" in the entryway and living room, but, unsurprisingly, the weirdest thing is in the master bedroom: a long bathtub-like basin just a few feet from the bed. "It's the height of a normal sink, but it's a huge, long, granite object, probably about 9 feet long but only a couple of feet wide. At the front is a sink," said one broker. "It was long and extremely narrow and very artsy-looking." We would really like to see that.

Hopefully West has better luck finding a seller than his pal/look-alike/alter ego P. Diddy, who has been trying to sell his blinged-out pad at the Park Imperial since September. It was first listed for $8.5 million, then was taken off the market in March. Seems that P. Diddy opted for a broker switch and a pricechop, as the unit has returned for $7,999,995. He did not, however, restage the apartment. Listing photos still show the plush shag carpet, cushioned clear Lucite furniture, and sparkly, gem-covered corner column.
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