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Brooklyn House's Modern Redo Keeps Floors, Stained Glass

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Architect Ula Bochinska of Bostudio recently completed a yearlong overhaul of an old-fashioned three-story detached house in Ditmas Park. Gone are the oodles of wood paneling, dark paint, outdated fixtures and the divided kitchen/dining spaces. While lots of new modern white furnishings and built-ins define the now-light and airy home, the parquet floors and other wooden details were kept intact, along with a quaint stained glass window in the bathroom. Do you think the "the past and present coexist in harmony," as the project description says?

The floorplan was altered significantly, adding a bathroom and a master suite as well as opening up the ground-floor living space. Here's a look at the house pre-renovation, with its outdated tiling and bathroom amenities, cramped kitchen, and less-than-open layout:

Now, the kitchen and dining room is one large space, while much of the house's woodwork has been retained and updated with a more contemporary aesthetic:

Sensitive renovations are somewhat of a trend right now, with architects striving to preserve historic elements rather than gut them. Which look do you prefer?the old or the new?
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