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Design Firm Creates Inception-Like 3D Maps of Manhattan

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It's like a scene out of Inception: you're strolling up Fourth Avenue and Manhattan starts to curl over you, revealing the whole cityscape in plain view. But it's not a mind-bending dream film?it's a map created by London-based design firm BERG, who made the visual more than a year before Inception was released. Called "Here & There," the horizonless map is the result of "a combination of city manipulations in modeling software," and the artwork has found it's way into MoMA's permanent collection. Why would one want a visual guide like this anyway? "Because the ability to be in a city and to see through it is a superpower," explains BERG, "and it's how maps should work." The images are each 3-feet-tall and 2-feet-wide, and they're currently being reprinted in 180 pairs.
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