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You Must Make $73,000+ To Afford This 'Affordable' Housing

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Tribeca's 101 Warren Street/89 Murray Street is a building with two sides: a luxury side and an affordable side. The affordable side, given the 89 Murray Address, has 77 rental units and a different school zoning than its pricier neighbor. But the residents of the two buildings aren't so much the haves and have nots as, it turns out, the haves and the have-slightly-less-but-still-a-fair-amounts. A tipster passed along the application information (warning: PDF!) for the building, also known as Washington Mews. It's currently accepting applications until fully rented, according to the HDC website. And the monthly rents and minimum incomes? Well. We recommend having a seat before looking at the chart above.

The minimum income for an 89 Murray 1BR is $73,166. That's for a one- or two-person household paying a monthly rent of between $2,076 and $2,417. And it only goes up from there, with maximum incomes topping out at $150,325. That's certainly affordable compared to market-rate rents in the neighborhood?the latest Citi Habitats market report puts the average rent for a 1BR in Soho/Tribeca at $3,686/month?but that's only one definition of affordable.
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101 Warren Street

101 Warren St, New York, NY 10013