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Wealth Disparities

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Real estate expert Michael Gross was among those evacuated when the One57 construction crane collapsed in the Hurricane Sandy winds, and he's among those about to be evacuated again to accommodate the arrival of a replacement crane. Developer Extell has promised $1,500 to each household within Gross's building, Alwyn Court, to pay for hotel rooms during this evacuation, but Gross recounts in a Times op-ed his fight for reimbursement the first time around: "in the world of New York City real estate, money, power and influence are all relative. In the tower next door, known as One57, penthouses have reportedly been sold for upward of $90 million. To the people who've bought them, $1,500 is chump change. And to the people who run this city, they matter. My neighbors and I...don't." [NYT; previously]


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