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345 Meatpacking's Rad Awning; Lady Liberty Tickets, Security

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MEATPACKING DISTRICT?Now that there's an exhibition of Andy Warhol portraits on view at DDG's happening condo 345Meatpacking, the sidewalk shed has finally come down and the ground level exterior has been revealed. There's a ton of bronze trimming on the facade, and a sculptural concrete marquee with amorphously shaped cut-outs that reveal hints of plant life above. The exhibit is being held in a retail space that is still sort of under construction, making it feel super cool and underground... probably like the Meatpacking District used to feel, eh? The exhibit runs till May 12. [CurbedWire Inbox; official]

THE HARBOR?We learned in March that the Statue of Liberty will reopen July 4 after extensive repairs following Hurricane Sandy-inflicted damage, and now tickets are on sale through September 2 for you advance planners. Parts of Ellis Island, which also sustained Sandy damage, will also be open, but it's unclear which parts. We do know now, however, that two security screenings will take place before visitors can step onto Liberty Island's soil?one on Ellis Island and then a second before people enter the monument. These new facilities replace those in Battery Park and at Liberty State Park in New Jersey, which were destroyed by the storm. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

WILLIAMSBURG?The Williamsburgh Savings Bank (and yes, it's spelled like that) has been under construction for a few years now, ever since HSBC sold it to Juan Figueroa, as it undergoes a $3 million makeover into an events space and small museum. We saw tantalizing sneak peeks of the lovely dome's restored gilded interior months ago, and now it looks like the exterior is almost done, too. Not all, but some, of the scaffolding has been taken down, so the end of the project must be in sight. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]


345 W14th Street, New York (Meatpacking Dist), NY 10011

Williamsburgh Savings Bank

175 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211