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Dome of Debris, The Sequel

If at first you don't succeed... after a two-year hiatus, a giant floating, glowing orb made of discarded umbrellas and soda bottles is going to once again attempt to moor at Inwood Hill Park. SLO Architecture's Amanda Schacter and Alexander Levi took a stab at the project in 2011, but the orb's waterborne journey along the East River to its intended resting spot was interrupted when it got waylaid around Riker's Island and destroyed by correctional officers. (Hey, it happens.) After raising $7,500 for the redux, Harvest Dome 2.0, on Kickstarter last year, the duo aims to successfully anchor the 24-foot-tall sphere for the month of August in the park's inlet, where its movement will reveal tidal ebbs and flows. This time, they plan to transport it via tugboat from the Brooklyn Navy Yards. Lesson learned. [DNAinfo; previously]