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New York City's Worst Rental Opportunities, All in One Place

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This one-week-old Tumblr, The Worst Room, described by its proprietor as "a blog created for me to share the craigslist postings I sift through on a daily basis trying to find decent, affordable housing in New York City," is a very clean, simple idea executed without frills, and it's great. It's the kind of idea that you wish you thought of yourself, but you didn't, this guy did, and now he has a million dollars blog. Meanwhile, this great city (well, mostly the cool parts of Brooklyn and the East Village) truly has everything, from a "single room in a warehouse" ($650) to a room with no windows but "great lighting" ($750). Here's hoping that this guy never finds an apartment and keeps doing this blog forever.

This is a two-week sublet in Bushwick for $250. It should probably be catalogued in the section

This is a room (well, half a room) in Prospect Lefferts Gardens. Top bunk: $500/month. Bottom bunk: $600/month. Go ahead! Treat yourself!
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