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This Will Replace One of Fifth Avenue's Oldest Residences

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The six-story townhouse at 815 Fifth Avenue was built in 1871, making it Fifth Avenue's oldest residence between 59th and 110th Streets. It has undergone multiple alterations since its construction, however, and had much of its exterior ornamentation stripped off in the 1920s, resulting in a "no style" designation for the building when the Upper East Side Historic District was established. That designation means that the Landmarks Preservation Commission was unable to address the existing building during a hearing yesterday morning—despite the protestations of neighbors and Community Board Eight representatives in attendance—and instead had to the limit their comments to whether or not the new proposal, courtesy of Brazilian developer JHSF Participacoes and architect Tim Greer, for a 14-story "high-rise" with a flat limestone facade was appropriate.

Some commissioners took issue with the fact that the new building would be the exact same height as each of its neighbors, suggesting that it be made either taller or shorter (hm, we wonder which one the developers are going to choose...), and also with the fact that the top of the building lacks definition. They sent the plans back for revision.

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815 Fifth Avenue

815 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10065