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Winka Dubbeldam Finally Sells at 497 Greenwich Street

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Perhaps it was the prison-like feel of some of the apartment's design elements, but architect Winka Dubbeldam ran into some trouble in her attempt to find a buyer for her condo at 497 Greenwich Street. Dubbeldam designed the building, too (so it's a dubbel?sorry?dose), and she was hoping to get $2.35 million for her 2BR, 1.5BA pad. Instead, she's sold it for $1.95 million, according to Manhattan Loft Guy. That's a 17 percent discount, but she paid only $509,125 for the apartment in 2005.

Here's the current floorplan:

And here's a proposed floorplan also included with the listing:

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497 Greenwich Street

497 Greenwich Street, New York , NY 10013