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Hot Karl Beach Gets Supportive; Coach Gives $5M to High Line

WILLIAMSBURG?The massive block-eating development known around these parts as Hot Karl Beach (aka 95 Bedford Avenue) has gotten a little, er, creative with its shoring up of the neighbors. A tipster sent the above photo showing the "interesting 'architectural' detail" that appears to be supporting a sad-looking single-story building. "It's probably temporary," writes our tipster, "but once it goes away, that garage doesn't look too stable." No, no it does not. [Curbed Wire Inbox; previously]

MIDTOWN WEST?The third and final piece of the High Line will have a luxury name-branded section. Coach, the anchoring tenant of the South Tower at Hudson Yards, has donated $5 million to the elevated park, and in recognition of the gift, the covered passageway that will be formed when the South Tower rises around the park will be called Coach Passage. It will be the largest covered part of the park when the final section opens in 2014. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

GOWANUS?Neighborhood watchdog Martin Bisi sent along some more photos of the Whole Foods construction in Gowanus. Residents have long worries about the site's flooding potential, and Bisi reiterates these concerns after having seen how far down the workers are digging at the site:

One reason that I get concerned with this, is I have a space across the street from Whole Foods and the sub-basement of our building is perpetually flooded with at least a couple feet of water. It goes up with rain and the tide. It went up about 4 ft. this weekend during Andrea (rain funneled from Park Slope). So we, as well as Whole Foods, sit on top of a bona fide pond.[CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

[Gowanus Whole Foods lower leve, showing some sort of giant hole/well in the floor]

95 Bedford Avenue

95 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY