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If we ever actually get a ridiculous starchitect-style Penn Station in the place of Madison Square Garden, we will have the Times archicritic Michael Kimmelman to thank/blame for starting the whole "limit the renewal terms of the arena's expired permit and boot 'em out of there whenever we can because it's a butt-ugly blight" campaign. MSG has said it will fight to stay in its spot, and in any case the dream of a new Penn Station is far from reality?but Kimmelman, despite some concern that he rarely reviews actual buildings, has leveraged his column to create a veritable movement: "It might seem like a mismatch: the Dolans, veterans of many public brawls, against Kimmelman, an urbane trained pianist who previously wrote primarily about art. But such is the power of the Times when it's given to a crusading voice." [New York Magazine; previously]