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40 Bond Power Player Chops Full-Floor Price to $25 Million

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Even listings at the great 40 Bond must sometimes reconsider their financial expectations. Just two months ago, the building's eighth-floor spread hit the market with a price tag of $27 million, boasting design by David Mann and landscaping?of its 20-foot-deep terrace?by Jeff Mendoza. But this weekend, the apartment chopped its price to $25 million. Not a huge drop considering the overall price, but an unusual move amid so much positive talk about the high end of the market.
Maybe the seller, William Kriegel, is just eager to move on. Kriegel purchased the apartment for nearly $18 million in the summer of 2007. Prior to that, a real estate obsession had led him to another notable building?the New Museum building, which he bought and developed just to get his hands on the penthouse. When he was ready to downsize, he headed to 40 Bond and sold the New Museum penthouse to Bon Jovi. You can see why we're so eager to know his next move. So please, rich people of the world, help us out by buying Kriegel's apartment. Here's the floorplan:

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