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A Slope 2BR With Office And Yard Is Actually Under $1 Million

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Welcome back to The Six Digit Club, in which we take a look at a newish-to-market listing priced under $1 million, because nice things sometimes come in small packages. Send nominations to the tipline.

Price: $975,000
Address: 379 1st Street #1
Size: 2BR/1BA
CC/Taxes: $500

This two-bedroom apartment on the first floor of a Park Slope townhouse is asking just under $1 million, and for the price you get a sizable home office (though it lacks a door due to the open plan), a 29'x35' backyard, and an extra storage room in the basement. There are hardwood floors all throughout the apartment, plus a washer/dryer. The downsides? There's only one bathroom, and the kitchen's a bit small. Try to ignore the narrowness of the living room, and revel instead in some exposed brick, a fireplace, and high ceilings. Square footage wasn't provided, but you can guesstimate. Plus, you'll be living it up the sexy Slope. Worth the price?

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