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An Artist Has Hand-Painted 200 New York City Buildings So Far

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In an ambitious project that he's dubbed Continuous City, local web developer and artist Brian Foo has hand-painted 200 New York City buildings, from landmark skyscrapers like the Empire State and One World Trade to famous apartment buildings like the El Dorado to generally notable spots like Stuyvesant High School. (And he's not done yet, planning to expand to structures in Brooklyn.) An aficionado of urban geographies and topographies, Foo aims to take his careful little watercolors and piece them together into a book-cum-graphic novel about two New Yorkers who explore a changing city.

Though it forms but a backdrop to his story, for Foo the urban landscape is not static but rather infinitely, capriciously malleable?a character in and of itself. "I became interested in the idea of a place as a living, breathing creature," he writes of the project on its Kickstarter page (28 days to go). "A city can be something very different depending on who you ask, as each person perceives their own version of their city." Along those lines, Foo has also created a nifty online tool that embodies this ephemeral philosophy. Click on the page and one of his sketched buildings pops up, then you can drag it around at will. Keep on clicking to create your bite-sized concrete jungle?grid system be damned!

Without further ado, 200 little architectural gems of Foo's handiwork, in alphabetical order.

And here are all 200 in poster form, for those who want to zoom in and scroll around.
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