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Cornerspotter: A Scale Factory Turned Condos In Queens

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It didn't take long for a guest commenter to identify this building as the old Chatillon Scale Factory in Kew Gardens, Queens. Built sometime in the late 1920s to early 1930s, the Tudor Revival building had several uses throughout its life: a community garage, the headquarters for Sylvania Electric Products, and the scale factory. According to someone on a Kew Gardens history blog, "the structure was carefully designed to appear as a residence so as to blend in with the character of the neighborhood." And in 2008 it actually became a residence, except with quite a few modifications. The Kamali Organization turned the structure into luxury rentals, erecting a six-storing a brick-and-stucco atop the factory shell. Despite its semi-recent completion, there were no quality photos of the condo, known as The Classic, floating around the internet, so apologies for the poor visual.
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· Photo: 83-30 Kew Gardens Road. Sylvania Electric Products [MCNY]