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How NYC Will Prepare for More Residents In the Floodplain

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Feeling a little apocalyptic in here today, isn't it? First there was the news that another million people will be living in New York City by 2040, and there is nowhere near enough housing to accommodate them all. Now comes the news that the number of people living in the city's 100-year flood plain will also increase tremendously at the same time as the climate changes (with Birmingham-like summers ahead), leaving the city more vulnerable to devastation by flooding. The mayor's office Flickr feed has all kinds of graphs and charts, and the mayor will reveal his full preparedness recommendations this afternoon. In the meantime, NY1 has a preview, and possibilities include removable storm barriers placed into the sidewalk when there is flooding in the forecast; dunes in the Rockaway; and a storm gate at Newtown Creek. These measures are even more important given that the waterfront is where so many of the city's new arrivals are likely to live.

UPDATE: The Times has more details on the 430-page, $20 billion proposal, which includes 250 recommendations. One of those is a proposed Seaport City south of the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan, inspired by Battery Park City. We've compiled some of the renderings that go along with the proposals in the gallery above.

And the projections for the 2050s:

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