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'Save Domino' Lights Up; Rentenna Adds Complaint Scores

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WILLIAMSBURG?Some Brooklyn residents are not too keen on the idea of a made-over Domino Sugar Factory, and they've taken to flashing their message on the sides of buildings (thanks to the tipster who sent the photo at right). The Illuminator and Williamsburg Independent People are behind the light-up signs, and they want to raise awareness about how Two Trees plans to redevelop the waterfront site. The groups are unhappy with the plans, and they'd ideally like their actions to inspire a buy-back to turn the site into a cultural center, but, let's face it, that's about as likely as it is that Two Trees will give away free apartments. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

THE INTERNET?Rental listing, building-scoring website Rentenna has rolled out a new feature that lets users look up all complaints filed against buildings. The complaints?including rodent infestations, bed bugs, improper trash removal, no heat or hot water, and elevator problems?are culled from the Department of Housing Preservation and Development's Housing Code Violation database and are factored into a building's Rentenna score. The complaints are categorized by severity, and you can see how long the complaints have been active. Slumlords beware! [CurbedWire Inbox; official]

UPPER EAST SIDE?In 2009, the artist Borbay embarked on a mission to paint the Guggenheim from the same corner each summer for 20 years. This year marks his fifth painting, which is posted above. It's done in the same futurist style as the Sutton Place painting that he shared with us in February. [CurbedWire Inbox; official]

WEST VILLAGE?A miniature art gallery, complete with a Jeff Koons balloon dog replica, currently exists inside the street level window of 223-225 West 10th Street. Artist Matt Chalker created the perfect 1:12 diorama as part of the Time Equities Art-in-Buildings program. The unusual space allows the art to be seen exclusively from the street, but you better walk by ASAP; Chalker's piece comes down this Friday, June 14. New art will soon take its place. [CurbedWire Inbox; official]