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Real Estate Fairy Finds A Buyer For Every Story House Condo

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Every fairy tale must come to an end, and with the sale of the top floor penthouse, that time has come for the cloth-bound book of sales at the Story House. Developed by Manhattan Skyline, the eight-unit condo conversion began sales in summer 2011, enticing buyers with a "modern day fairy tale" (seriously, they did) that included full-floor homes with private keyed elevator access and more than 2,150-square-feet of space.

The cheapest unit to sell was the third floor 2BR, which closed for $2.93M, while the priciest was the penthouse 3BR with a terrace, which closed for $4.3M this week. We all know how this ends: and they lived happily every after in their multi-million dollar condos.
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The Story House

36 East 22nd St, NY, NY