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What a $975,000 Property Looks Like on the Upper East Side

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"Average"-priced apartments are the middle children of the New York City real estate market?often overshadowed by high-end headliners on one side and more affordable but still appealing places on the other. Welcome to Taking the Average, a Curbed feature in which we explore what's available in a particular neighborhood at the area's average price (as determined by market reports). Up today, the Upper East Side.

UPDATE: Photos removed at the request of the seller.

Market reports always put us in a numbers mood, so it seems an appropriate time for another installment of Taking the Average, our look at the median apartment prices in various neighborhoods and what that price actually buys. The median price on the Upper East Side was $975,000 at the end of the first quarter, according to StreetEasy's quarterly report (Warning: PDF). And it's a price more likely to be found the farther east you're willing to go. First up among the $975K-ers is the above 2BR, 2BA at 444 East 86th Street, with its rather, er, homespun photos. (The monthly maintenance is another $1,975.)

Nearby on East 86th Street?at 455?is this 1BR, 1.5BA condo. Amenities include pool, doorman, and permission for pets, and the monthly charges come out to $1,008 in common charges and $625 in taxes.

This apartment on East 79th Street is currently asking $980,000, not our benchmark of $975,000, but the "motivated seller" has already chopped the price once and might be willing to do so again. (The maintenance will add another $2,040/month onto the final cost.) The living room shown above is virtually staged.

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