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Watch Three Minutes of Annoying Park Slope Parents Jokes

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The misplaced modifier in the headline is intentional: is this a collection of jokes about annoying parents, or are the jokes themselves the annoying part? That'll be for you to judge, but the video, which appears to be the first in a series from comedy team Broad Comedy, undeniably has its moments. And sure, a lot of those moments are recycled (Recycling! Park Slope! Get it?) from their previous video, "Shit Park Slope Parents Say," although there are definitely some funny parts, particularly when the guy asks the broker if the brownstones are "sustainably built." But then again, Park Slope parents definitely are annoying (sometimes), and, since it's semi-safe to assume that the people who made this video actually are parents who live in Park Slope, it's also annoying, in a way, to watch them do all these tongue-in-cheek, self-deprecating jokes that are simultaneously basically glorifying the whole thing, and then you start to wonder if the whole Park Slope mythos is just this self-perpetuating circle jerk and maybe we shouldn't even talk about it anymore? So, on the one hand: good jokes, guys! But on the other hand: yuck? We're very confused.
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