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Big Reveal: $779,000 for A Spacious 1BR In the East Village

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There was a lot of debate over where this week's Pricespotter could be located within the East Village, but hats off to those who figured it was in Alphabet City. It is! The unit is located in 252 East 7th Street, between Avenues C and D. Even still, the first person to assume that guessed $61K more than the $779,000 asking price?and he wasn't alone. All but three of the guesses were higher than the listing price, kind of surprising consider that most commenters hated the layout. One commenter pretty much remodeled the whole thing: "It would be easy to knock out the internal walls and closets to create a second master bath (say right behind the kitchen) accessible only from the bedroom. And then if you needed to you could probably carve out a second bedroom from some corner of the living-dining space." So will this home get want it wants or will the location be a deterrent?

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