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Renderings, Pricing, Floorplans Revealed for Noho's Newest

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The building at 36 Bleecker Street, one of Noho's first large commercial buildings and once (to be precise, in the 1860s) home to the Schumacher & Ettlinger printer company, is embarking on a new life as apartments for wealthy folks ready to lighten their wallets. The Schumacher, as it is now known, is officially on the market, with a full sales website and a slate of renderings we've compiled in the gallery above. We've touched on the building's features before, and the sales materials offer a few more details about the amenities, which include refrigerated storage, a pirate-themed children's playroom, landscaped courtyard, and a library overlooking the garden.

The lobby has been curated by Cristina Grajales, who might be known to those familiar with the Soho gallery scene; her first picks are a painting by Jose Paria and a reception desk and screen by Christophe Come. The courtyard was designed by MoMA's landscape architect, Ken Smith, and even the elevator gets a nod: "opposite a rift sawn oak-paneled wall with inset antiqued mirrors, blackened steel elevator doors open to reveal the beautiful elevator cab featuring inset wood-paneled walls with blackened steel trim, marble floors, and striking bullet glass ceilings." Okay, we probably shouldn't be this excited to see an elevator.

The apartment features are detailed on the website, so we'll confine ourselves to mentioning just one fun thing: the buyers of the building's street-entry mansions get their choice of private resistance pool, home theater, or wine cellar.

So how much do all these places cost? A tipster in the know passes along a few numbers: mansions one and three are asking $6.75 million and $8.7 million. There are third- and fifth-floor apartments on the market for $7.3 million and $9.5 million, and penthouses on the market between $13.5 million and $25 million. Here, have a few floorplans:

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The Schumacher

36 Bleecker Street, New York, NY