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Dumbo's 30 Washington Hits the Market From $3,375/Month

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The Robert Gair Company built 30 Washington Street between 1887 and 1891 (Robert Gair was, of course, the inventor of the corrugated cardboard box, and there's lots more history where that came from), and Dumbo kingpins Two Trees have been busy converting the building from commercial to residential space. The first six rental listings, spotted by Dumbo NYC are live, and they range in price from $3,375/month for a 1BR/1BA to $3,500/month for a 1BR, 1BA with a home office to $4,300/month for a 2BR, 1BA. Amenities include outdoor common spaces, a gym, a bike rack, and?yes, this does appear on the amenities list?the waterfront. Images above.

There are lots of floorplans for the building on the official website. Here's a representative selection:

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