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New 47th Street Hotel Revealed; Art In Jackson Square Park

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MIDTOWN EAST?Yesterday we shared news of a new hotel coming to 47th Street, and today we have the renderings, which a commenter spotted on the architect's website. Looks like we were right about the glass tower with a checkered facade of windows. C3D Architecture is the firm, and currently, the existing buildings on the site are being demolished. [Previously]

GREENWICH VILLAGE?One of the city's oldest parks has unveiled its first ever public art installation. Jackson Square Park unveiled Selection From The Modern Landscape by Kenneth Pietrobono at the beginning of the month. Pietrobono used botanical signage to rename the park's plants to reflect changing social and cultural dynamics in the surrounding neighborhoods. Names vary from "Displacement" and "(Re)Development" to "Class Barrier" and "Market Growth," and the idea is to spur people to think about the "infrastructure of modern day society" in a new way. "Aligning 'Market Growth' and 'Comfort' with a tree or flower helps to present abstract notions in a neutral way – as a fact of our current surroundings." [CurbedWire Inbox; official]