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Madonna's UWS Combo Co-op Sells for Discounted $16M

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Madonna officially cut her ties to the Upper West Side's Harperley Hall a few weeks ago with the announcement that her combo co-op in the building had sold. The Times spotted the closing, and it turns out the apartment sold for $16 million. The buyer, hedge fund manager Deepak Narula, was said to have gotten a good deal on the place, and indeed he did. The apartment was originally asking $23.5 million and had its price cut to $19.995 million. Hats off to Narula and his broker for that negotiation.

Madonna was, some in the building might argue, not the world's quietest neighbor. So perhaps the people downstairs will have an easier time selling now that she's out of the building. They recently listed their place on the fourth floor for $6.95 million?that's a look at it in the gallery above.
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