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Two Schools Slated For Luxury Towers Saved From Demolition

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Community activists and local officials earned a big fat W today against the city and its allies, those omnipotent titans of residential real estate. PS 199 at 270 West 70th Street and PS 191 at 210 West 61st Street, which were slated for demolition and replacement with luxury high-rises chock full of apartments, have been saved from the wrecking ball, the West Side Rag reports. Guess a blog-slash-petition and some political support actually worked this time, because state assembly member Linda Rosenthal confirmed that the city's initial plan has been scrapped.

Victory must always be bittersweet, must it not? It turns out that the Upper West's gain is the Upper East's loss?Rosenthal added that the city aims to tear down a school there and rebuild it within a high-rise. That would be the School of Cooperative Technical Education, a public high school on East 96th Street, which was part of the original plan and also boasts the largest square footage of them all. All right, UES, where's your petition?
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