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From Biker Gangs to Bars, Bushwick Loft Can't Catch A Break

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A year ago, residents of a loft law building at 13-15 Thames Street in Bushwick filed a lawsuit against their landlord, alleging that he hired a biker gang to scare them out of their homes. The suit is still ongoing, and, according to DNAinfo, it's gotten even messier. Now the tenants say the landlord has filed permits for a liquor license to open a bar in the residences of tenants who have been "unjustly vacated from the building." The tenants' lawyer Thomas Hillgardner says his clients have established their loft law rights and that the vacate order was issued for "conditions that never existed."

The owner's lawyer, on the other hand, says that the vacate order?issued for "an illegal obstruction of the entrance and for the operation of a nightclub in the building"?was the city's doing, and they have no control over it. The lawyer also claimed to have no knowledge of a liquor license application, even though it's on the schedule for next month's community board meeting. One longtime resident of the building said the tenants are just waiting to be let back into their homes. "My clients are entitled to possession of the building," said Hillgardner. "Can you imagine if somebody put a restaurant in your house?" Hey, if it meant free drinks and food, we'd probably be on board, but it doesn't sound like that offer was put on the table.
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