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New Site Will Change the Way You Complain About Neighbors

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The city government announced a partnership today with Nextdoor, a new social networking site that allows users to interact with other residents of their neighborhoods. The site is free, but in order to get on it users have to verify what neighborhood they actually live in, which means that you can't just while away the hours trolling people in Park Slope from your apartment in Greenpoint, even though that sounds like a lot of fun. What you can do, we're guessing, is complain about people in your neighborhood, to other people in your neighborhood. Call us cynical, but multiple threads about that kid who's learning how to play the trumpet or the lady who doesn't pick up after her dog seem way more likely than: Hey, does anybody have a screwdriver I can borrow? In the West Village? The partnership between the city and Nextdoor will basically allow the Mayor's office to send out safety alerts and other things of that nature the way it currently does with Twitter, but to individual neighborhoods. (Or, more specifically, to however many people in an individual neighborhood are signed up on Nextdoor.)
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