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65 Acres of Staten Island's South Shore Set For Development

A story in today's Journal highlights just how differently things are developed in Staten Island compared to Manhattan or Brooklyn. A development plan for 65 acres of city-owned land on the borough's South Shore is currently making its way through the public-approval process. The proposal comes from the city's Economic Development Corporation, and it calls for a retail center, public library, new park, senior housing, and a new school. A plan this large is sure to incite cries for affordable housing, no big box stores, and more public amenities, no? Not here in Charleston. "Some people in the area who ride their horses across the land had objections." But most concerns have been allayed, and miraculously, everyone seems pretty pleased with the plan (mind you, it's been in the works since 2002).

The the project (shown in red on the site image) is expect to being construction this fall, and the financing system is unique for a city development. To build the first retail portion, 11 acres are being sold to a private developer (a joint venture by Guido Passarelli & Sons and Blumenfeld Development Group) for $7.5 million. This money will pay for the environmental impact study the city completed, and $2 million of it will go toward construction of the library. The senior housing and school will be part of the second phase, to be complete by 2020, while the first phase will include a 20-acre conservation area and 23-acre park, which, naturally, will have a horse-friendly trail system.
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