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Broker Posts Penis on Streeteasy Rental Listing

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Surprisingly, not posting pictures of your genitalia on the internet is quite easy, and yet, here we are: last week, a listing for an otherwise humdrum studio apartment on the Upper West Side got jazzed up quite a bit when the broker attached to the property posted a picture of a penis as the lead image. According to Gawker, the broker was unaware of the mistake and denied ownership of the penis in question. He went on to muse that perhaps he had been the victim of a hacker inexplicably targeting professionals in the real estate industry, because, y'know, that's just what hackers do.

Then again, the whole debacle might also be read as a visual metaphor for the hapless renter willing to pay $2,000 a month for a 500-square-foot studio on the top floor of a four-story walk-up. In which case, bravo, sir! Very clever! We at Curbed salute your irreverent sense of humor.

Check out the Gawker link for unpixelated images! Extremely NSFW, obviously.
· NYC Realtor Lists Gorgeous $2000 Loft Located Inside Spacious Penis [Gawker]
· Listing: 38 West 85th [Streeteasy]